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Colorimetric Analysis of Metal Finishing & Metal Working Solutions & Effluents

By Aubrey Knowles
Hardback. Pp v + 189
Also available as Method Cards
Price £45, US$80.00, Euro 80.00

Initial chapters briefly summarise underlying physicochemical method basis (Beer-Lambert law) with review of instruments used and cuvettes, recommendations for good practice and avoiding errors. Website addresses for major manufacturers are listed. The range of commercially available analytical methods relevant to the metal finishing & metal working industries are listed in full. There follow 140 specific analytical methods, each including a brief summary of underlying chemical reactions, listing of reagents & equipment required, details for calculation of results, notes on possible sources of interferences and health & safety hazards. For each method, an extensive bibliography is provided with several hundred references in total. The volume thus offers a balanced choice for users whether they wish to depend on proprietary methods or those who prefer to use information from the public domain and published literature.

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Also available as:
Individual Method Cards in heavy-duty laminated jackets.
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Individual Methods (on paper, no laminated jackets)
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