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Metal Finishing Defects and Troubleshooting

Windows 95 & higher
£45.00 + VAT / US$75.00

Components with a defective surface finish can cost $’000’s and more! In some cases, the coatings can be stripped and the components re-cycled. In the worst-case scenario, even this is not possible and the customer will be looking to the Finisher for repayment of the entire cost entailed in producing

the components, or to replace them with another batch. The most common problem is that the bath(s) are contaminated or out of ‘spec and the only solution is to chemically analyse them. View our ANALYSIS section

Our new multi-media CD-ROM seeks to help out when disaster strikes. It comprises a four-part package:

~ Troubleshooting Tables - to help the Finisher ask the right questions, and pin-point the source of the problem. Defective cleaning ? Defective Substrate ? Defective process solutions ? Work through these tables and in most cases, the problem area will become apparent.

~ Process Troubleshooting Tables - for each of the major Metal Finishing processes, a series of charts lists defect types, what causes these and how to fix the problem.

~ Library of Case Studies - 150 Case Studies, with photo-micrographs showing the defects, and a discussion of causes, the actual nature of the defect and remedies. Using the facilities within Adobe "Acrobat", viewers can zoom the images as if these were being viewed with a microscope. A fascinating collection for in-house training also.

~ A voucher entitling purchasers to 12 free-of-charge consultation of the MFIS Troubleshooting database, 60,000 records, including thousands of "Problems" from the world’s major Metal Finishing journals - no-one else has this facility on tap.


Metal Finishing Defects & Troubleshooting CD-ROM - £45.00 + VAT
(UK or non-VAT registered in EU). US$75.00 (Shipping extra: £2.00 or $5.00)

Hard-copy version (with tables, but excludes case studies) - £18.00 (Shipping £1.50 or US$5.00)

Database Troubleshooting Queries - US$10.00 per query. No charge if no answer found.

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