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Defects Associated with Plated Zinc Based Diecastings CD-ROM

Windows 95 & higher
£35.00 + VAT / US$ 50.00

This CD-ROM is ideal for troubleshooting, and also for training of technical staff.
In combination, the techniques of electroplating and zinc alloy diecasting, offer a production route which is unchallenged. The relative ease with which complex shapes can be diecast to a high degree of precision, and the good mechanical properties of such castings, are significant in their own right. By then imparting a decorative finish, such as gold, or a functional one such as nickel & chromium, the product can be made visually attractive and corrosion resistant.

In order to produce the best results, and minimise the incidence of rejects or defective work, certain precautions have to be taken. This CD-ROM, which is a companion to the previously issued Metal Finishing Defects & Troubleshooting, presents images of defects as they occur in diecastings before and after electroplating, with commentary describing the causes and how these can be avoided. Also included are technical details for the plating of the most important decorative and functional finishes. Colour illustrations show a range of examples, including bathroom fittings, costume jewellery, kitchen & dining room utensils and other objects which illustrate how plated zinc diecastings offer an ideal solution for the product designer in a wide range of applications. Included in this package is a fully searchable database with some 350 abstracts, covering patents and publications relating to the subject, from around the world.

This CD-ROM is ideal for troubleshooting, and also for training of technical staff. Using the functionality of Adobe Acrobat®, the images can be viewed at x 10 or greater magnification, as if using a microscope. The product is recommended for all who are involved with plating of diecastings, or the production of such castings which are destined to be plated.

The author of both these CD-ROM’s is David Luke, MRSC, C.Chem. With decades of experience in one of the world’s leading Plating Supply Houses, he writes with an authority born of years spent in troubleshooting a wide range of Metal Finishing problems.

The CD-ROM operates under Windows ’95, ’98 and higher.

Price: £35.00 + VAT / US$ 50.00 Prices include p&p in the UK

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