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The Bactericidal and Oligodynamic Action of Silver and Copper in Hygiene, Medicine and Water Treatment

Hardback, pp. 140. With CD-ROM. Price £65.00 (post-free in the UK). US$120.00 + $12.00 shipping.

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Bactericidal surfaces are increasingly demanded in hospital, medical, food-processing and beverage manufacturing settings, not least to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria such as MRSA, Clostridium difficile and, for water treatment, to repress Legionnaires’ disease.

This book sets out the very ancient history of oligodynamics which predates the Christian era. The scientific background and bacteriological data are reviewed. Part 2 surveys the materials used to create such surfaces – paints, resins, powder coatings, glasses, electroplated surfaces and specially-created metals. Graphs and tables show the kinetics of bactericidal action and viricidal and fungicidal applications are also noted. 180 references are cited. The CD-ROM includes a fully-searchable abstract database, with a unique collection of some 500 patents relating to practical applications of the principle, from 1924 to the present.

The World History of Galvanizing
by Dr Jean Lamesch. pp. 221; 23 x 31 cm. publ. Arcelor Steel. ISBN 2-919969-25-0. Price 49.00 US$90.00 plus postage

Written by an author with a lifetime's experience in the field, this lavishly illustrated book charts the history of the subject, from 14th century tinplate manufacture in Bavaria and Saxony, to the present time. It includes coating of iron and steel with tin and zinc by mechanical and molten metal methods (hot-dip galvanizing) and the beginnings of electrogalvanizing in the UK in1840 and subsequent developments. Appendices include a glossary of terms, a lucid exposition of the metallurgical basis of hot-dip galvanizing, and hundreds of references, both historical and technical.

The perfect book for new entrants to the industry, both on the technical and non-technical side, this work provides the technical and historical background that all those involved in the industry should have. Equally, it would make an admirable gift to valued customers or staff. Learning is rarely such a pleasurable experience.

AVAILABLE NOW ! Specialist Research & Development Report
By Dr. Anselm T. Kuhn
Avail. as Word Document, delivered by email. Price US$48.50

For those who want to make themselves aware of virtually every publication and patent in the field, from the USA, Germany, and Russia (incl. former USSR), this is what you need.

If you had access to one of the world’s great libraries (such as the British Library where this document was researched), you could produce something similar yourself. But it would take the best part of a week to do so. Heavyweight information at an affordable price.

AVAILABLE NOW ! Electroplating of the Lesser-Known Precious Metals - Rhodium, Ruthenium, Iridium, Rhenium, Osmium
Revised & Expanded Edition

By Terry Jones
Pbk, 214pp
Price £55 / US$100 (P&P free in the UK, £8 US $12.00 Rest of the World)

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The electrodeposition and electroless deposition of five metals, all with extremely high melting point, and excellent wear and corrosion resistance, is described. With their market price lower, in many cases, than better-known platinum or palladium, these metals and their alloys could be seen to have unexploited potential for use in electrical contacts or relays, for thermal barrier coatings, non-tarnish finishes on silverware and as anode coatings. Although the main thrust of the book is a practical one, extensive details are given of the physical and chemical properties of the deposits. There is also consideration of the complexes from which these metals are deposited, noting how some such compexes can exist in several structural forms having very different behaviour in electrodeposition.

The Revised Edition contains new chapters  on:  "Stripping of Precious Metal Coatings" (; "Electropolishing of Precious Metals" (incl. gold); and  "Electroless Deposition of Platinum & its Alloys"

The author, with a lifetime's experience in the Metal Finishing industry, was latterly a Development Chemist with one of the world's largest Precious Metals companies.

NEW! We've updated some of our older titles with new CD-ROM databases of relevant abstracts from our extensive databases and library.

The Electrodeposition of Tin & its Alloys | Handbook of Effluent Treatment & Recycling for the Metal Finishing Industry | Electroless Nickel Plating | Phosphating of Metals | Zinc Plating



NEW! Electroplating & Electroless Plating of Copper & its Alloys
By N Kanai
Price £95 (P&P free in the UK, £10 Rest of the World)

This volume seeks to cover all aspects of electroplating and electroless plating of copper ... includes a CD-ROM database holding over 7000 abstracts related to all aspects of the subject.


Rapid Spot Testing of Metals & Alloys
B y A Holmes
bk, pp x + 208
ISBN 0-904477-25-8
Price £58 US $95.00


How does one identify or distinguish metals and alloys and deduce their composition on a semi-quantitative basis ? Especially where there is no laboratory equipped with high-cost instrumentation or when one is in the field. This new book brings together a host of both physical and chemical methods for tackling the problem. Density, colour, magnetic properties, flame tests and use of a grinding wheel to study the colour and form of the sparks emitted. Each test need not take longer than a minute or two. But also a whole range of chemical spot tests where use of simple acids or more complex organic reagents will identify species present or confirm the results of other tests. An entire chapter deals with electrography, a simple identification method which is not as widely known as it deserves to be. Flow-charts and logic schemes guide users through test sequences. Appendices describe the reagents used, list sources of further information and suppliers.

Invaluable for anyone handling or dealing with metals of unknown composition and provenance, the results of a single test could more than pay for this book.

Anodizing & coloring of aluminium alloys  

Anodizing and Coloring of Aluminium Alloys
By Satoshi Kawai
Pback, pp.170
Price £65 / US$110, including CD-ROM edition with a database of over 7000 abstracts on the subject, and a picture gallery of colors and applications.
£30 / US$45 Book only
£45 /US$75 CD-ROM only

The Japanese are acknowledged as being among the world-leaders in colour-anodizing of aluminium. Dr Satoshi Kawai, a leading Japanese expert, shares his experience in the field with practical advice in operating and troubleshooting aluminium anodising and colouring plants and describes some of the latest applications of anodised aluminium in solar energy, data storage and other fields.

Surface treatment & finishing of aluminium and its alloys  

The Surface Treatment & Finishing of Aluminium & its Alloys
by P G Sheasby & R Pinner.
6th Edition.
1400pp in 2 Vols + 1 CD-ROM.
ISBN 0-904477-21-5 and 0-904477-22-3.
Price: £245.00 or US$390. Postage extra.

The completely revised, expanded and updated edition of this classic work also with a CD-ROM Abstract Database. This unique tool is a fully-searchable collection of almost 12,000 abstracts from 1960 to date, relating to the surface treatment of aluminium, incl. papers, patents, books. (also avail. separately, price £50)

The book and database provide easily the most comprehensive coverage of the subject available anywhere.

Just about everything there is to know on the subject! More

Development of a new material - monolithic Ti407 Ebonex ceramic  

Development of a New Material - Monolithic Ti4O7 Ebonex Ceramic
By PCD Hayfield
Pback. pp 110.
Price £25 / US$50 / Euro 50

The most detailed ever treatment of this remarkable material. More

Medicine, surgery & dentistry patents facsimile  

Medicine, Surgery & Dentistry.
250 Years of Medical and Dental Inventions.
British Patent Abridgements. 1622 to 1866

Hdbk. pp 491. Facsimile antique binding, gold lettering
on red panels, red end-papers.
Printed on ivory paper.
Price £37 / US$65 / Euro 65
(Postage £2 / US$5 / Euro 5)
Also available in CD-ROM format
Price £30 / US$55 / Euro 55 (Postage free)

This volume will fascinate anyone with an interest in medicine, surgery or dentistry. More

Plating & electroplating of metals patents facsimile  

Plating & Electroplating of Metals.
History & Patent Abridgements. 1617 to 1866

Hdbk. pp 340. Facsimile antique binding, gold lettering on red panels, red end-papers.
Printed on ivory paper.
Price £30 / US$55 / Euro 55

It is truly amazing to discover how long ago some of the techniques used today were first discovered. More

Volumetric analysis of metal finishing solutions  

Volumetric Analysis of Metal Finishing Solutions
By Andrew K McFadyen
Hardback, pp 210
Price £45 / US$80 / Euro 80
Also available as Method Cards

Now Revised & Expanded

This is the most comprehensive collection of classical titration methods for the Metal Finishing industry ever published. More

Nancy prefers gin  

Nancy Prefers Gin - An anthology of published thoughts and comments on Metal Finishing
By Robert Pinner
pp. x + 101. Cartoon illustrations. Hdbk
Price £22 / US$38 / Euro 38

A collection of humorous, but often wickedly mordant observations on the Metal Finishing industry More


The Electrodeposition of Tin & its Alloys
by Dr Manfred Jordan
Hdbk, pp 406
Price £65 / US$110 / Euro 110

Now with CD-ROM Database Update!
3,500 abstract records.

Easily the most comprehensive book on the subject More

Colorimetric Analysis of Metal Finishing & Metal Working Solutions & Effluents
By Aubrey Knowles
Hardback. Pp v + 189
Also available as Method Cards

Price £45, US$80.00, Euro 80.00


Coating and Surface Treatment Systems for Metals. A Comprehensive Guide to Selection
By J Edwards
pp. 470.
Price £80 or US $120

Covers, in 330 pages, all (76) recognised commercially available coatings (plated, hot-dip, organic, vitreous enamels, plastics) in use. Exhaustive tables provide information and ranking on physical & chemical properties, corrosion, fitness for contact with food, cost, coating appearance. This is the only book we are aware of which guides the product engineer or designer to the best and most cost-efficient finish for their products.


Handbook of Effluent Treatment & Recycling for the Metal Finishing Industry
(2nd Ed’n) L Hartinger
pp xii + 790.
Price £95 or US$ 150

Now with CD-ROM Database Update!
3,500 abstract records.

Exhaustive coverage of the “unit ops” used in effluent treatment plants, their basic principles (precipitation, ion exchange etc) with tables listing solubilities, stability constants etc, and a metal-by-metal (also anions and organics) treatment of specific effluents. ca. 1000 references


Electroless Nickel Plating
By W Riedel
pp xii + 312.
Price £60 US$ 100

Now with CD-ROM Database Update!
3,200 abstract records.

Theory, practice, applications, day-to-day operation, trouble-shooting, deposit properties, test methods, international standards, effluent treatment. Very rarely do we come across any information not included in this monograph. 739 refs

Phosphating of Metals
By W Rausch
Price £65 or US $120

Now with CD-ROM Database Update!
3,500 abstract records.

An exhaustive treatment of theory and practice, with chapters on plant, process procedures, deposit properties, different phosphate coatings & processes, effluent treatment, deposit properties, include. enhanced performance of paint & organic coatings over phosphates. International standards relating to phosphating. Applications, testing of solutions & coatings.

Metallizing of Plastics
By (Ed) R Suchentrunk
pp xii + 348
Price. £60 US$ 100

This is one of the growth areas in metal finishing and the book covers principles of metallizing (electroless and vacuum-based technologies). Details of etching and activation of plastics, treatment on polymer-by-polymer basis of metallizing procedures. Testing of process solutions and deposits, listing of standards. Appendix lists over 200 recent publications.

Zinc Plating
By H Geduld
pp xi + 348
Price. £55 US $110

Now with CD-ROM Database Update!
3,500 abstract records.

Complete guide to cyanide, alkaline non-cyanide and acid zinc plating, post-plating (chromate conversion coatings, water soluble resins & lacquers). Problems & troubleshooting, mechanical plating, continuous plating of wire & strip, zinc nickel alloy plating. Analytical control of plating baths. Use of Hull cell in zinc plating. Effluent treatment. Safety aspects.

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