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Surface Energy Medasurements & Cleanliness Testing by Wetting Methods
An e-Book and Software Toolkit, by Dr Anselm Kuhn Price 68.00 + VAT (where applicable) or US$ 110.00 Shipping incl:

A detailed review of wetting techniques used for surface energy measurement and cleanliness testing, including the waterbreak test (just how sensitive is it ?), the atomiser and spray tests, dyne liquids (and the latest Nordtest variant of these).

Sessile drops, goniometer designs. The Bikerman approach to measure contact angles from drop diameters. Drop size measurement using a digital camera and the freeware "caliper" software provided, deriving contact angle from the pre-programmed spreadsheet included. Case studies - probably the largest collection around, showing how the technique can be used to assess and optimise cleaning and surface pretreatment prior to painting or other coating processes.

PLUS - a self-contained database with hundreds of useful abstracts related to the subjects covered.

Requires: Any normal PC operating under Windows (R). Microsoft Office or the MS Excel component of this.

Diagnosing Problems & Troubleshooting Metal Finishing Processes. Strategies, Tables, Case Studies.
By David Luke

All Windows PCs.
£ 58.00 / US$99 (incl. P&P)


You’ve got problems in your Plating Shop? Defective work ? Process solutions going out of ‘spec ? Voltages going sky-high ? Weird things happening every third Thursday ? So, call in a Consultant.! What’ll that set you back ? Travel and time, could be $500.

But what if an expert, after 20 years in a Supply House Technical Laboratory, were to share his experience with you ? David Luke, lately of Shipley-LeaRonal, has done just that. Now his expertise is available to all purchasers of this CD-ROM. Five Sections guide the Finisher, offering ideas, suggestions – sometimes simply prompting a thought that was already half-formed in your mind.

1. Metal Finishing Problems & How To Solve Them

Some general thoughts about how and why things go wrong. What specific aspects we should be focusing on, such as deposit properties.

2. Troubleshooting Flow Chart

This is a “logic diagram”. It asks the questions and, depending on the answers, steers the user to this or that aspect of the overall process. Is the problem in the Shop, or is the incoming work itself defective ? Is there a problem with the process chemicals ? Or maybe the way the process is being operated ? Question and answer narrow down the cause of the problem.

3. Troubleshooting Tables

The largest collection of process-specific troubleshooting tables around. Select your process (copper, nickel or gold plating, anodizing etc) and use the three column table to identify the problem, its cause and the remedy.

4. Avoiding Future Problems

Here, both in general and specific senses, we have a collection of ideas for preventing similar or identical problems recurring.

5. Case Studies

A collection of dozens and dozens of actual problems, what caused them and how they were fixed. Your problem might not be one of these, but often times there will be similarities and – once again - reading about these could trigger the solution in your mind.


We support our products. Actually, we rather enjoy the occasional intellectual challenge. So, if you’re still stuck, we’re happy, within reason, to use our substantial resources to support our customers. Our large Metal Finishing Library, one of the best in the world. Our Metal Finishing database – which is the best in the world. And, between us, half a century of collective experience in the field. Send us a digital photo of a defective part, and we’ll do our best to comment. Or go call a Consultant!!!


Don’t forget our related CD-ROM products. “Defects in Plated Zinc Diecastings” ; “Defects in Anodized Aluminum” and “Metal Finishing Defects & Troubleshooting
which includes a photo-library of common defects. Using the features of Adobe Acrobat® users can zoom in on photos as if using a microscope

The Identification & Prevention of Defects on Anodized Aluminium Parts
By Ted Short

All Windows PCs.
£49.95 / US$75 (incl. P&P)

Even in the best-run aluminum anodizing plant, defects will occur. Sometimes these are apparent during or immediately after processing. Sometimes they show up only after many months in-service or in storage or after shipping. The author sets out a defect classification system, in terms of the visual appearance, and also the stage of the process where the problem originates, not excluding the incoming alloy itself. Over 80 images are used to illustrate a wide range of defects. These are linked to higher-resolution versions. Supporting text provides a commentary on the defects, their causes and measures to eliminate them. A comprehensive Troubleshooting Table aids the diagnostic process. Appendices provide details of relevant Standards and further reading.

The coloring & anodizing of aluminium

The Coloring and Anodizing of Aluminium

Windows 95 & higher
Price £65 / US$110, including the new book by Satoshi Kawai, Anodizing and Coloring of Aluminium Alloys.
£30 / US$45 Book only
£45 /US$75 CD-ROM only

CD-ROM with a database of over 7000 abstracts on the subject, and a picture gallery of colors and applications.


Defects associated with plated zinc based die castings

Defects Associated with Plated Zinc Based Diecastings CD-ROM

Windows 95 & higher
£35.00 + VAT / US$ 50.00

This CD-ROM is ideal for troubleshooting, and also for training of technical staff. More

Metal finishing defects & troubleshooting

Metal Finishing Defects and Troubleshooting

Windows 95 & higher
£45.00 + VAT / US$75.00

Components with a defective surface finish can cost $’000’s and more! Our new multi-media CD-ROM seeks to help out when disaster strikes. More