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Use the Process-Specific Troubleshooting tables

These are shown (in part) below Do you recognise the symptoms of your problem listed ? Then go ahead and procure the full tables which explain the most likely cause of the problem and how to fix it.

The trouble-shooting tables cover the following processes:

1 Electrodeposited nickel

2 Electroless nickel

3 Copper (cyanide solutions)

4 Copper (acid solutions)

5 Tin (stannate solutions)

6 Tin and tin:lead (acid solutions)

7 Chromium (hexavalent)

8 Chromium (trivalent)

9 Zinc (cyanide solutions)

10 Zinc (acid chloride solutions)

11 Zinc Alkaline solutions)

12 Gold (acid solutions)

13 Silver (cyanide solutions)

14 Anodising (sulphuric acid)

15 Cadmium - (Cyanide)

16 Phosphating

17 Electroless copper - (formaldehyde based)

18 Chromate (hexavalent) conversion coatings

19 Rhodium

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