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A key to Quality, Productivity, Cost-Savings and a Cleaner Environment

Browse the resources listed on the left to see how important Analysis is in maintaining
high quality and maximising profitability in Metal Finishing operations.

Here are listed the main analytical techniques used for Metal Finishing process baths. Each method is starred, to indicate the rough cost of the equipment required. * is less than $500. ** is less than $5000. *** is more than $5000. The main types of analysis for which each method can be used, are indicated. If you don’t have the equipment or it doesn’t seem likely to do the particular analysis you require, pass on by! Time is money too, and some methods take longer to give a result than others, yet here again, remember the difference between the one-off "setting up time" for the first sample, and the rate at which one can push subsequent samples through thereafter.

1. Volumetric Analysis (Titration) 1.1 Volumetric methods requiring only simple equipment
  1.2 Volumetric methods requiring autotitrator or other equipment
2. Optical Methods 2.1 Colorimetry
  2.2 Turbidimetry
  2.3 Refractive index
  2.4 Optical rotation
3. Electroanalytical Methods 3.1 Potentiometric methods
  3.2 Current Methods
4. Chromatographic Methods  
5. Spectroscopic & Related Methods  
6. Gravimetric Methods  
7. Miscellaneous Methods